Self-Defeating Behavior Psychotherapy in Manhattan, NY

We sometimes behave and make decisions that are detrimental to our well-being and self-esteem, to our relationships, to our families, and to our livelihoods. These decisions and habitual behaviors can stem from various sources and motivations, some conscious and some unconscious.

When these behaviors become repetitive over a long period of time or even when they happen for the first time they invariably create stress, emotional pain, and sometimes physical illness as well as lead to addictive distractions (drugs, alcohol, sex, internet, etc.).

Stanley Kramer, LCSW offers self-defeating behavior therapy to overcome these self-defeating tendencies and to help you gain more control of your life and more insight into making healthier decisions, whether it be with yourself, your relationships, your families, or with your livelihood.

This process involves psychotherapy that involves a more comprehensive understanding of oneself, identifying sources (conscious and unconscious) of these self-defeating behaviors and an understanding of why you may be engaged in self-defeating behaviors in the first place. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily a quick fix but it is also not an impossible task to change. Self-awareness and healthier behavioral choices can lead to a more fulfilling, successful and healthier lifestyle. DELETE anything in previous revisions that is different from narrative above.

What Are Self-Defeating Behaviors?

Any maladaptive behavior that gets in the way of your goals, that prevents you from having healthy relationships with partners, spouses, children, bosses, family, etc. and/or behaviors that disrupt or destroy the successes and healthy relationships that you’ve already achieved is considered a self-defeating behavior. If you struggle with things like people pleasing, excessive anger, chaotic romantic, family, or business relationships, addictions, sexual identity confusion,  obsessive compulsive behaviors, as well as anxiety and depression please feel free to contact me to explore how I may be of help to you.

This self-sabotage is fairly common because most people struggle with doing what’s really best for them. Don’t be ashamed of these behaviors as they may reflect some other issue or problem you are struggling with such as anxiety and/or depression. In my practice, we will attempt to overcome these self-defeating behaviors and habits and my goal is to walk with you through the process of accepting and improving yourself. DELETE all other text that is not this narrative.

Why Should You Come to Stanley Kramer, LCSW?

Leave everything as is except:  I have also consulted for several fortune 500 companies in NYC and New Jersey regarding human behavior and motivation in the workplace. Whether you need psychotherapy for self-defeating behaviors or any other therapy issues, you can trust I will provide a friendly, safe, judgement-free space for you to talk and collaboratively work on achieving more peace and fulfillment in your life.

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